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Exams, Tests and Quizzes Made Easy

Create, run, and grade all sorts of tests automatically! Perfect for educational facilities, employers, and independent certification organizations, Adit Testdesk supports a wide range of tests from straightforward surveys to complex exams. It takes care of every aspect from designing a test to running an exam, grading and analyzing the results.

Ever used Microsoft Office 2016? Then you'll feel at home with Adit Testdesk! Its simple and easy user interface is designed to perform just like Microsoft Office, making it immediately comfortable to everyone. Supporting a wide variety of question types, Adit Testdesk enables you to create tests of any complexity and diversity. Questions can be anything from plain text to still pictures and videos, tables, equations, embedded objects and even Adobe Flash animations. Answers can be true or false, multiple choice, matching, hotspots, drawing and connecting, essays or even spoken replies. Grading can be fully automated, scripted, or manual depending on your priorities.

Key Features

  • Design, run, grade and analyze tests, exams or quizzes of any complexity;
  • Protect against unauthorized access;
  • Choose among a multitude of question types;
  • Use plain text, tables, images, videos, embedded objects and Adobe Flash as your questions;
  • Set your own time limitations;
  • Add your own look and feel to your tests and exams;
  • Grade complex questions automatically with programmable scripts;
  • Feel immediately comfortable with the user interface that is easy to use and to learn.

Top news

Adit Testdesk v3.00 has been released.
* 64-bit Edition
* High DPI support
* Math Equations in Text Editor
* Styles in Text Editor
Adit Testdesk v3 beta has been released.
* 64-bit Edition
* High DPI support
* Improved Text Editor
Adit Testdesk v2.60 has been released.
* Data drag and drop in Results management
* Improved testserver stability
* Fixed Issues